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What to Expect When You Are… Being Sued

In the unfortunate event that you are sued, either for a personal or business matter, the following are some common jargon / lingo you can expect to hear throughout the litigation and everyday explanations and definitions. PLAINTIFF: The person/corporate entity

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What is a Quitclaim Deed and When Do You Need One?

A quitclaim deed is a method utilized to transfer a property owner’s interest to another person without any warranties or guarantees as to the state of the property or chain of title. Quitclaim deeds are frequently used to: Transfer a

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Why You Need a LLC Operating Agreement

Florida law does not require an Operating Agreement for a LLC, however, if you do not have one in place, your LLC will be required to default to state laws and regulations, which may not be in the best interest

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I-9 and ICE: Compliance Tips for Employers

Did you know that federal law requires that all employees verify the eligibility of new employees to work in the U.S. by completing Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) within three days of the employee reporting for work? The failure to

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It is never a good idea to rely on a hand-shake or verbal statements to create a contract. The following are some tips of what to include to make your written contract enforceable: 1. Who are the parties? Sure, it

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Basic Blunders: Are These Four Common Mistakes Harming Your Small Business?

Many times the small business owner is focused on running and growing the business, and can fall prey to common missteps that can be lethal to the long-term interests of the business. As a small business owner, you need to

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Have You Made One of These Asset Protection Mistakes?

If someone is seeking a money judgment against you, there are five common mistakes made by folks trying to protect their assets. Does transferring your assets to a family member protect you from creditors? Can you be held personally liable

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What Corporate Entity Should I Choose?

A very common question that I am asked by clients is what corporate entity is right for them and what is the difference between a partnership, LLC, corporation, etc. A brief summary of some of the different types of business

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